JFK Airport Parking

JFK airport is easily accessible by road and is located in southern Queens on the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678). This highway is accessible from the Grand Central Parkway, the Belt Parkway and Queens Boulevard. A ring road connects the airport terminals to the Belt Parkway and the Van Wyck Expressway.


The airport classifies its parking lots between Daily and Long Term Parking Lots. As an interesting information, all parking lots can be pre-booked online.


Parking lots at JFK airport

Daily Parking Lots

Terminal 1 and 2 - Green Lot

Terminal 4 and 5 - Blue, Yellow Lot respectively.

Terminal 7 - Orange Lot

Terminal 8 - Red Lot



1/2 hour - $4

1 hour - $8

Each additional 1/2 hr or part thereof - $4*

24 hours maximum - $33

*Rates are charged every half an hour until reach the maximum per day.



Long-Term Parking Lot

Lot 9 Lefferts Boulevard. This parking lot has easy access to the AirTrain to reach each terminal. There is staff 24/7.



First 24 hours - $18

Over 24 hours, each 8 hours period/part thereof - $6*

*Rates are charged every 8 hours until reach the maximum rate.


Parking for passengers with special needs

there are car parking spaces reserved for passengers with restricted mobility in the parking lots (both daily and long-term parkings): Lefferts (long-term), Orange, Blue, Yellow and Red (daily).


All the parking spaces are located near the entrance of the parking spaces.

It is required to display the disabled license plates or other official permits issued by a municipality or state of residence to park in these reserved parking spaces.


Rates (taxes and fees are included):

1/2 hour - $4

1 hour - $8

Each additional 1/2 hour or part thereof - $4

24 hours maximum - $18

*Rates are charged every half an hour until reach the maximum per day.

*Prices are subject to change.


Electric Vehicle Charging

Drivers or passengers that own an electric vehicle can charge it at JFK airport. In the Ground level of the Yellow Parking lot (Terminal 5) there are five electric charging stations. It is free of charge. The chargers need between 12-24 hours to charge completely the vehicle (Level I, 115V). It takes between 4-6 hours to charge vehicles at Level II (240V). All the stations at JFK airport are Level II capable. There is an AirTrain station next to the parking lot to reach any terminal if passengers don’t travel from Terminal 5.


Passenger Drop-off and Pick-up areas

Only taxis can stop a moment in front of the terminals and sometimes is not possible to do it. Any terminal has a parking next or in front of the terminal.


For travellers or drivers it is recommended to park the vehicle in one of the JFK’s parking lots.

As a option, there is the free Cell Phone Lot which is located five minutes walk from each terminal.

Alternatively there is the Kiss and Fly parking, located in Lefferts Boulevard AirTrain Station. From this parking it takes just 10 minutes to reach every terminal. The train is for free.


Methods of payment accepted: cash, credit or debit cards and E-ZPass are accepted.


Parking Contact Information

To get more information, please call: +1 (718) 244-4168 / 4266.

General Parking inquiries: +1 (347) 238-3231.

All Airport Information: +1 (718) 244-4444.

Parking Customer Service Manager (during normal business hours), please call toll-free: (888) 250-8277.


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John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport Parking