JFK Airport Terminals

JFK has six operative terminals numbered 1–8, but skipping Terminal 3 and 6, which were demolished in 2011 and 2013 after Terminal 5 was expanded.


JFK Terminal Map

The terminal buildings, are arranged in O-shaped pattern around a central area containing parking, a power plant, and other airport facilities. The terminals are connected by the AirTrain system and access roads. As you can see at this image:

JFK Terminal Map

Transportation between terminals

By the AirTrain system is fairly easy to transfer between terminals at John F. Kennedy Airport, since all airport terminals are connected to its network. Trains frequency is of 2 – 5 minutes.

You can also connect to the parking lots, hotel shuttle and rental car facilities.

In order to take the AirTrain at any of the airport terminals, you’ll first need to go through security. Within JFK Airport Terminals the AirTrain system is free.

Also, between Terminal 2 and 4 there is a free shuttle bus operated by Delta Airlines at their passenger’s disposal.  


JFK Terminals

Check the detailed information for each Terminal:

- Terminal 1: Air France, Japan Airlines, Korean Air and Lufthansa

- Terminal 2: Delta Terminal

- Terminal 4: International Terminal

- Terminal 5: JetBlue and others

- Terminal 7: British Airways

- Terminal 8: American Airlines and others