JFK Airport Taxi


New York City's yellow cabs, licensed by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission, offer a flat rate service of $52 from JFK airport to Manhattan, excluding tips and tolls. Tips should be around 15-20% of the total price and are common for the good service. This rate applies to travel from Manhattan to JFK as well. Passengers may know that depending of the hour of the day, the traffic jam can delay the taxi’s route, and the taximeter cost will increase.

Depending on the time of day the travel from JFK to Midtown Manhattan can be as quick as 40 minutes (without traffic jam). During weekday rush hours (6-9 am and 4-7 pm) there’s a surcharge of $5 to travel anywhere in New York State (except Staten Island). From the center of Manhattan there’s a surcharge of $18 for tolls and gratuity.


To reach Brooklyn from JFK airport should cost around 75 dollars (adding tips).



Outside ever terminal in the airport there is a taxi stand close to the taxi rank.

At the stand is given a paper that specifies the medallion of the taxi cab. It’s recommended to keep the paper, if passengers miss something in the vehicle or have any complaint they can contact with the taxi company easily.


Door-to-door Car Service is another popular transportation option.

It is recommended to ignore the non-licenced taxis to leave JFK airport, it’s always safer to travel with an official taxicab.



We recommend you to just board the yellow taxis - Do not trust drivers who offer you a ride, since you'll be probably victim of a scam.


Information about the tips:

- It is not compulsory but there is a strong costume to tip the taxi drivers for a good service.

- The tip is for all the passengers inside the taxicab.

- The taximeter must mark $3 when starts the trip. There is the exception of JFK-Manhattan ($52 Flat Fare trips).

- During peak hours (from 4 pm to 8 pm during the weekdays) there is a charge of $4.50.

- There is established a tax of $0.50 to trips along NYC but not for rides to New Jersey.

- It is recommended to take and keep the receipt.


If you wish to call for a taxi, please dial the following number: +1 718 244 4284.


Fares between destinations

- Between JFK Terminals: $4-$14


- To the Bronx:

Co-op City: $53-$57 (33 minutes)

The Hub (149th& 3rd Avenue.): $48-$53 (32 minutes)

Riverdale: $70-$72 (40 minutes)


- To Brooklyn:

Downtown: $60-$65 (35 minutes)

Coney Island: $42-$47 (30 minutes)


- To Queens:

Citi Field: $28-$33 (17 minutes)

Main Street & 60th Avenue: $25-$30 (20 minutes)


- To Staten Island:

New Dorp Lane: $67-$73 (50 minutes)

Victory Boulevard: $66 - $70 (35 minutes)


- To LaGuardia Airport - $34-$40 (20 minutes)


- To Newark Liberty Airport - $91-$100 (+$17.50-$18 surcharge) (45 minutes)


- Flat Manhattan Fare. It doesn’t include tips and tolls - $52 (40 minutes)


To reach New Jersey/Connecticut/Suffolk/north and west of Westchester County: passengers and the driver must negotiate the price before start the trip.

*Approx prices, all prices are subject to change


Taxi information contact

Lost items, compliments and complaints, please, call: 311.


Taxishare rides

To share a taxi ride is a mean of transportation cheaper than to pick up a taxi by your own. For passengers that travel to close destinations it is a good option. There is an app “taxisharing” or “Bandwagon” that travelers can download. During the peak travel periods in the airport there are Bandwagon’s taxi drivers in the airport. These period is formed by: Mon-Tue-Thur-Fri-Sun.

Also Uber is allowed to operate in JFK Airport.


*Please, note that rates are subject to change.