Services at JFK Terminal 2

All the terminals at JFK airport provide various services and amenities to all passengers.


Check below the services and amenities offered at Terminal 2:

- Services and Facilities

- ATM, Banks and Currency Exchange

- Stores and Duty Free

- Restaurants, Food and Café


Services and Facilities

Airport Plaza (Sunoco Gas, Clean Energy CNG, Tesla Electric Car Chargers, Car Wash, Dry Cleaning, Auto Lube & Repair)

Address: JFK Airport Plaza. Building 125 (147th Avenue & 147th Street) Phone: (718) 553-0501

The ARK at JFK (24/7 Animal Reception Center)

Address: Building 78A. Cargo Area D. Phone (212) 973-8275

Charging Station - Location: in the Welcome Center, outside the Arrivals

Delta Sky Club Lounge - Location: in the Mezzanine level.

Medical Office - Location: Building 22A. There is a shuttle bus service available 24/7. Phone: (718) 244-1644

Paging Someone - Phone: (718) 704.2473

Pet Relief Area - Location: Arrivals

Welcome Center - Location: Outside the Arrivals

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ATM, Banks and Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Company: Travelex Currency Services

Phone: 718 553.2902

Location: Post Security, close to gate 61


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Stores and Duty Free

Best Buy Automated Vending - Location: in the gate 61

CTY - Location: in front of gate 62

Taste NY - Location: in the Retail Hall

Tech - Location: Close to gate 62


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Restaurants, Food and Café

BKLYN Beer Garden - Location: in front of gate 67

Cibo Express Gourmet Market - 3 locations: in gates 61, 65 and 69

Croque Madame - Location: in gates between 62 and 63

Due Amici - Location: in front of gate 62

Shiso - Location: in front of gate 64

Tagliare - Location: in front of gate 68

Wendy's - Location: close to gate 62

World Bean - Pre-Security area: in the Arrivals Level. Post-Security: in front of gate 66


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