Services at JFK Terminal 7

All the terminals at JFK airport provide various services and amenities to all passengers.


Check below the services and amenities offered at Terminal 7:

- Services and Facilities

- ATM, Banks and Currency Exchange

- Stores and Duty Free

- Restaurants, Food and Café


Services and Facilities

Accommodation Plus Hotel Desk - Location: in the Arrivals Area

Airport Plaza: Sunoco Gas, Clean Energy CNG, Tesla Electric Car Chargers, Car Wash, Dry Cleaning, Auto Lube & Repair.

Address: JFK Airport Plaza, Building 125 (147th Avenue & 147th Street).

Telephone: (718) 553.0501.

The ARK at JFK (24/7 Animal Reception Center)

Address: Building 78A. Cargo Area D. Phone (212) 973-8275

Charging Stations - Locations: in the arrivals hall, outside the arrivals area, in the welcome center and in gates 6, 7, 8 11 and 12

Family Restrooms - Locations: Arrivals Domestic Side and Arrivals close to Subway - Gate 10

Hotel Connections Desk - Location: in arrivals

Medical Office - Location: in the building 22A. There is a free shuttle bus service that runs 24/7. Phone: (718) 244 1644

Paging Someone: call from a house phone: x-3590

Service Animal / Pet Relief Area - Location: Outside the Arrivals Area and behind the Hudson News, close Gates 9 and 10

Travelers Aid - Location: Arrivals. Phone: (718) 656.4870

Welcome Center - Location: outside the arrivals area



Concorde Lounge - Location: close to gate 1


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ATM, Banks and Currency Exchange

Currency Exchange

Company: Travelex Currency Services

Location: Pre-Security (Arrivals Area) and Post-Security (Food Court and Gates 1-2)


Travelex ATM

Locations: next to the security checkpoint, in arrivals area, in gates 1 and 2, in the food court.

Travelex Foreign Currency ATM: in gates 1 and 2

Travelex Foreign Currency Services in the arrivals area and in the food court


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Stores and Duty Free

Airway Cleaner Shoe Shine Service - Location: in gate 7

AT&T (Kiosk) - Location: in the Arrivals

Best-Buy (kiosk) - Location: in gates 2, 3 and 10

Brookstone - Location: in gates 6 and 7

Coach - Location: in the Retail Hall

Discover New York - Location: in the gate 10

Duty Free Americas - Location: Post-Security

The Honest Co (kiosk) - Location: in gates 1 and 2

Hotel Connections Desk - Location: Arrivals area

Hudson News / Booksellers - Locations:

- Pre-Security: in the Arrivals Area

- Post-Security: across from gates 5 and 6, 7 and 8

InMotion Entertainment - Location: in the gate 6

Juicy Couture/TUMI - Location: across from gates 3 and 4

Michael Kors - Location: in the Retail Hall

M&Ms Store - Location: in the Retail Hall

Mont Blanc/Thomas Pink/Longchamp - Location: in the Retail Hall

XpresSpa - Location: Retail Hall


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Restaurants, Food and Café

Auntie Anne's - Location: in the Food Court

Balducci's Food Lovers Market - Location: in the Food Court

Bonfire Restaurant by Todd English - Location: in the Food Court

McDonald's - Location: in the Food Court

Red Mango - Location: in the Food Court

Sammy's Beach Bar and Grill - Location: in the gates 2 and 3

Starbucks Coffee - Location: in the Arrivals Area and gates 6 and 7

Subway Pre-Security - Location: in the Arrivals Area

Thirsty Beer & Wine Bar - Location: in the gates 6 and 7

Trafalgar Pub - Location: in gate 10

Wolfgang Puck Express - Location: in the Food Court


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